About JarBag (staging)

JarBag (staging) began as an experiment to write a modernish-looking web application without any client-side JavaScript. Which is a little backward-thinking, I suppose, but it was a fun academic experiment.

Then it turned out that I kind of liked it, and decided to go through with building a full-fledged RSS feed reader using some old-school non-client-side web technologies. I suppose it‘s more accurate to say that I didn‘t use something than that I did. Because less is more. Or whatever.

For all of my personal feed-reading activities, I used Liferea, which is a feed-reader for the desktop on Linux. It works really well, and I have no complaints. But since I'm a programmer, I wanted to build one myself. So I did.

The main goals of JarBag (staging) are to be fast, simple and easy. It should allow you to read new articles, and simply manage them. That‘s it. Everything else was secondary to those goals. I guess a technical goal was that it should never, ever require JavaScript on the front-end.

I decided to use the tagline few-frills because “no-frills” sounds like it doesn’t do anything, but I wanted to emphasize the simplicity. Also alliterations are absolutely amorous.