JarBag (staging)

A few-frills feed reader

JarBag (staging) allows you to subscribe to, read and manage RSS and Atom feeds.

A feed is a way for a publication (like a blog or a website) to signal that they have new content. JarBag (staging) lets you consume that content easily.

It’s labeled few frills because the UI is (relatively) minimalistic, with the emphasis being on the content of the feed rather than JarBag itself. It does, however, offer many nice-to-have features that you would want in a feed reader. There’s just nothing sexy going on under the hood.

Try it out for free

All that’s required is a username and a password.


  • Simple, fast and reliable
  • RSS 0.9—2.0 support
  • Atom 1.0 support
  • Media/enclosure support
  • Simple layout and style
  • Track read and unread items
  • Manage feeds with customizable groups
  • No JavaScript
  • No tracking
  • No email
  • No real names
  • No social sharing
  • No mess
  • No fuss